Empathy Fatigue Masterclass

Empathy Fatigue Masterclass

In this life-changing Masterclass, Annie will share with you the secrets to recognising Empathy Fatigue and powerful techniques to both prevent and recover from it.  Learn to establish boundaries and self-care strategies to increase your resilience and reduce feelings of being overloaded and over-whelmed when caring for others. 

Empathy fatigue, also known as compassion fatigue, is a state of emotional and psychological exhaustion experienced by individuals who are frequently exposed to the suffering or distress of others. This phenomenon often affects caregivers, mental health professionals, and those in helping professions, as they are routinely called upon to offer support and understanding.

Annie Harvey will share with you the powerful ways to identify, prevent and recover from Empathy Fatigue. Leverage Annie’s 10 years worth of research into the causes of Empathy Fatigue and practical tips and techniques you can implement right now to increase your resistance and resilience.

Understand the difference between empathy fatigue and burnout and how they both require different approaches to prevent and recover from.

Move from empathy to compassion to increase your resilience without compromising your caring.

Learn techniques to heal from empathy overload, including how to provide care and support,  without feeling overwhelmed.

Facilitated by Annie Harvey

Annie Harvey is a highly experienced, accredited mindfulness teacher with Mindfulness Works. She is a published author and TEDx speaker.

Annie attends silent meditation retreats in Thailand to deepen her mindfulness and meditation practice.

Annie is a talented facilitator with extraordinary depth and experience in personal development and adult education.


Sunday, 14 May
4.30PM – 6.00PM

Tickets: $59

What To Expect in This Masterclass

✅ 100% non-judgmental environment — no pressure, no expectation, no agenda

Experience an environment where you can just be as you are. No pressure to talk and no pressure to be any particular way. If you do talk, experience being actually listened to, without being judged or ‘fixed’.

✅ Fresh, live guided meditations — kick back and relax

Enjoy being guided in meditation. Kick back and relax and let your mindfulness and meditation teacher guide you in an experience of calm and insight.

✅ Connection, compassion and community

Small groups of like-minded and like-hearted people all together in the session. Enjoy the genuine support that comes from having a live teacher and practising with a group.

✅ Your authority. Your journey

Mindfulness Masterclass sessions always emphasise your own authority and your freedom to develop your own practices that work for you.

✅ Reaffirming you are completely OK

All teachers re-affirm your own OKness and encourage you to discover and affirm this in yourself as well.