Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (6 Week Course) – Wellington ***FULLY BOOKED***

Wed 13 March 2013 – Wed 17th April 2013

This course is now FULL.  New, open courses and retreats can be found here.

psych today“Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex…This mental shift decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression and anxiety. …The researchers found that the meditators showed a pronounced shift in activity to the left frontal lobe. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before.” Psychology Today

Benefits of mindfulness meditation:


What is mindfulness meditation?

A simple, practical non-religious meditation based on mindfulness. Mindfulness means “paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” – Jon Kabat Zinn (Professor of Medicine Emeritus Stress Reduction Clinic and the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine).

Mindfulness meditation is gaining in popularity as more and more people discover how this simple skill can have a profoundly positive impact on your life. Organisations such as Google, Apple, Nike and Yahoo! now run meditation programmes and sessions for staff during work hours. Scientific research about mindfulness meditation shows measurable and significant benefits to people practising this meditation including less stress, less anxiety, greater focus, calm and happiness.

This particular course emphasises your own natural wisdom, your own innate OKness, right here and now. The instructions and guidance will be explicitly inviting you to embrace your whole human experience as it happens, moment by moment with a radical acceptance.


Wellington: Wed 13 March – Wed 17th April 7.30PM – 9.00PM. 30 The Terrace, Wellington. .

  • Early bird special for entire course of $165 if booked before Feb 22nd (includes 6 week course, information booklet and gudied meditation CD)
  • Bookings are essential.  The last course was fully booked prior to starting.
  • Practical with no dogma or religion
  • Meditation is in chairs (unless you prefer a cushion or stool – in which case please bring your own)
  • 6 weekly 90 minute classes
  • Also receive an interactive workbook and guided meditation CD at no extra cost
  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Learn to meditate in a simple, clear, effective and practical way
  • Develop your capacity of self-awareness, self-understanding, compassion and mindfulness
  • Generate greater calm, insight and wisdom
  • Class numbers are restricted to 20 people


Cost: $165 if booked before 22nd Feb 2013

  •  $165 for entire course if booked by including guided meditation CD and info book. Book now by sending email.
  • Payment can be made by internet banking, cash, cheque or credit card.  Payment is due before first class starts.


What you get with the course:

  • A weekly 90 minute group class including a meditation, a talk as well as questions and answers over 6 weeks.


Also receive a guided meditation CD and workbook:

As well as the 6 x 90 minute group classes you also receive the following:

  • A CD of a 20 minute guided meditation.
  • A workbook with articles of interest and (voluntary) exercises you can do to deepen your meditative practice and understanding.


How long is each weekly meditation class and what happens?

Each class is 90 minutes long. There will be a guided meditation for a period. This will include meditation instruction. After the meditation and instruction there will be a talk or discussion. This includes a question and answer time.


Who is it suitable for?

This course is suitable for any of the following:

  • Beginners
  • People who have never meditated before
  • People who have just started meditating
  • People who have meditated previously but have an irregular practice and want a more regular practice
  • People who meditate regularly and enjoy doing so in a group environment


Where and when:

Where: 30 The Terrace, Wellington.

When: 7.15PM – 8.45PM

Dates: Wed 13 March – Wed 17th April (6 classes)

Duration: 6 weeks.

Cost:  $165 if booked before 22 Feb.  $225 if booked after 22 Feb  (pay by internet banking, cheque, cash or credit card)

How to book:

Register: By sending an email


Phone: 027 411 2900


About the teacher:

Karlcrop genesis 4Karl Baker has been practising meditation for over 10 years. During that time he has worked one on one with a key meditation teacher and has attended numerous multi-day silent insight meditation retreats. Karl was involved in assisting establishing the Wellington Insight Meditation group. His principle teachers have been Stephen (Nyanaviro) Archer, Shard Rogell, Jeremy Logan and now Sri Guru Yanchiji.

Karl has as honours degree in religious studies from Victoria University and has helped found 3 successful businesses. Karl is a personal coach and business coach with Red Hot Business coaching which he co-founded.

Karl’s approach is straight forward, practical, heartfelt and directed towards you discovering your own innate wisdom and authentic experience.


Testimonials for Karl and the Introductory Course:

“I had never done meditation before and already had preconceived notions of what it would be like such as “religious and a bit airy fairy”. Surprisingly this course was the opposite. I found Karl very relatable, when he talked about our thoughts. Like a lot of people, I tend to overthink everything from past events to future, or simply beating myself up.  Karl helped me to take a step back and recognise I’m not my negative thoughts and they do not define me. I now feel a sense of peace. The mediation itself is relaxing and helps you de-stress from the day’s events. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to de-stress and gain inner peace.” - Summer

“I love working with Karl. His ability to guide and help me find my own answers and truths has been phenomenal. He is also very caring and not judgemental. I have grown as a person, businessman, and practitioner, and the work we have done has been critical for my personal evolution over the last 6 months. I look forward to every session and always feel better after each one.” – Gareth Rapson

“I have been working with Karl for several months now and have found out so much about myself and making choices that are best for me. I have spent my life thinking I need to please the world and that has left myself lost and confused, not knowing what I really want in life for myself and my family. Having Karl teach and support me has helped me be me and make some hard but great choices. I am genuinely happier with in my day to day life and know how to cope with the hard times better.” – Bridget Adair


Questions or More Information:

If you have questions or require more information, please email or ring Karl on 04 473 3827